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There are large benefits to students who are involved in our enrichment opportunities, such as developing compassion, leadership skills, resilience, critical thinking and open-mindedness.

BSD provides a vast array of after-school activities, volunteering, events and trips that develop, excite and challenge our students,

Leadership Teams and Opportunities 

Student Voice representatives are democratically selected from each class and are led by our selected Head students. They represent the student body, initiate school improvements and organise theme days and events such as teacher appreciation day, International day and our careers fair as well as several rm days. 

Student leadership Team  2022-23 

Student Leadership Team

House Captains are selected in a democratic process and organise competitive events throughout the year. 

House Captains

A recent initiative originating from the UK 'Change your Mind' provides further leadership development where our older students will provide wellbeing workshops for our younger students.  


Students are provided with numerous volunteering opportunities, from assisting sporting events, assisting with reading in primary, supporting our media department, as well as joining our peer mentoring and peer tutoring programmes. Numerous students are involved in working with our Schools Buddy Programme visiting a local special school each month. 


Duke Of Edinburgh International Award Programme


Model United Nations


Compassionate Action  

Our Compassionate Action group attend the Compassion Summit each year, attending workshops and practising deep kindness.


School Trips 

- London Theatre trip 

- KS3 Ski Trip  

- Sporting Tournaments 

- D of E Camps and Qualifying