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At British School Dhahran we strive to offer our students a well-rounded, balanced learning experience which contributes not only to their intellectual development but also to their personal, social, physical, health, moral and emotional development. Research shows that students who participate in extracurricular activities hugely benefit on many levels, we explore a few:

  • They provide a productive break from study
  • They improve academic performance
  • They can help students build their skills outside of the classroom
  • They can open students’ mind to new interests (and views)
  • They look good on a résumé
  • They develop students’ time management skills
  • They provide social opportunities
  • They help develop a sense of commitment and responsibility.

The extracurricular activities are offered at BSD in different formats; whilst the majority run as clubs after school hours and are called after-school activities (ASA), some take place during the school day.

  • After School Activities (ASA)
  • Duke of Edinburgh International Award
  • Student Voice
  • Instrumental Music
  • Performances
  • Athletics