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Dear Parents,

As announced on March 9, 2020, BSD along with the other schools in the Kingdom have temporarily closed. BSD started operating Virtual School beginning March 10, 2020. We find ourselves closed to students along with all Eastern Province Schools until the Ministry of Education gives us clearance to re-open. We all recognise that a challenge lies ahead of us as we try to cater for the individual needs of our students in the time ahead but we have an excellent spirit at BSD within our staff, students and parents and we will deal with this effectively.

By now you will have received virtual school guidelines from Mrs Cannon and Mrs Botha. Please follow these as they provide excellent guidance on how to manage each day effectively. We welcome your feedback on how virtual school is going. 

Today our faculty and staff are meeting together to make final preparations to launch our extended virtual school. You can find information about expectations, daily schedules, and tools for virtual school.

Please contact us with any thoughts you may have relating to the process we are implementing. We want the very best for our students as always. This will happen if we work together collaboratively.

Kind regards

David Bolton