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Dear Parents,

As you will be aware, ISG is continuing to push for an increase in the level of in-person support offered to our younger grade levels. Unfortunately, at present, we do not have any further information concerning our younger grade levels returning to school full time. I am pleased to say that our in-person support sessions have gone exceptionally well, and this is helping with our discussions with the authorities concerning increasing the amount of time in school for these students.

I am sorry that my communications cannot be more specific at this time, but I am sure that you appreciate our discussions with the ministries and other authorities are very delicate. It has been challenging to secure a tacit agreement for our younger students to return in any format. We are a very high profile school within the area, so we therefore attract a high level of scrutiny in our actions.

The ISG board and leadership team are now conducting strategic planning for all ISG schools moving forward. As I mentioned last week, we are very interested to hear your views on your child’s school site and the direction in which you would like to see them progress. I have therefore extended the closing date of the parent survey until Sunday morning. I would like to encourage you to take a few minutes to complete this short survey, as it will help to inform our thinking.

I would like to wish you all a good Thanksgiving weekend with your family and friends.

Best wishes,

Dr. Michael P. Mack