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Parents are encouraged to be involved in our school. The Parent Teacher Group (PTG) is a group that helps BSD with a range of activities for parents. Meetings take place in school throughout the year. Events include (but are not restricted to) the walkathon, a ‘seasonal’ visitor event and the Annual Spring Fair. The PTG welcomes parents who would like to help promote and run these events. 

Who are the PTG?
The BSD Parent Teacher Group (PTG) is run by parents and staff. We aim to plan activities for our kids and raise funds for our school whilst having fun. We need parent volunteers to help us run activities throughout the school year and to raise funds for our children to enjoy all those ‘extras’ we provide that are outside of the normal school budget.

What does the PTG do?
We meet regularly to plan fun events and fundraise. We are always open to new ideas. Our previous events include, end of term celebrations, International Day, and the Spring Fair. Examples of items we have purchased through fundraising include: extra playground equipment, the student kitchen, Year 6 and Year 11 end of year gifts.

Why volunteer?
Research shows that kids whose parents are involved in their schools do better. 
Meet other parents and have fun.
Share your talents and ideas and learn new skills.
Be an active member of our school community by making a positive contribution.

How can I find out more?
By registering as a volunteer and coming along to one of our parent volunteer meetings you can meet other parents and have an opportunity to learn about how you can get involved. No matter how much time or level of commitment you can offer everyone is welcome.

How can I register as a volunteer?
By registering now we will add your name to a database of parent volunteers who we will invite to help with events throughout the year. Start your registration here.

Additional Information
If you need further information you may also email
Please use this link to find our Facebook page -