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At British School Dhahran we have a deserved reputation for working collaboratively, as a team and with the wider BSD community. We love to process ideas, in order to gain levels of knowledge and understanding that could not be achieved by working alone. This also compels all stakeholders in our community - parents, students and teachers - to recognise progress and to celebrate success.

As part of the International Schools Group we are delighted to be involved in activities alongside our partner schools across the district. Our new system student performance goals of Learner Agency, Compassionate Action and Growth in Literacy give us a unique way forward. We encourage our students to become independent learners to prepare them for an ever changing world of the future. It is not enough for pupils to just learn information by rote - they need to know how to challenge themselves, how to get the best out of their learning, to engage in effective dialogue with teachers and their peers, to provide feedback and ways forward and to utilise appropriate resources effectively. As well as these we want our students to be happy, to care for one another, to accept differences and to promote positivity within the school community.

Our teachers are learners too. Extensive programmes of professional development through organisation such as the British Schools in the Middle East and other external providers gives us an effective platform for school improvement. As an organisation our school’s commitment to professional development is first class.

We welcome parents into the school at all levels. The head of seniors, Mrs. Rachel Cannon will be hosting events this year for parents from Year 7 to Year 11 to provide information and answer questions relating to the senior school. Mrs. Dufney Botha, the primary headteacher has effective plans to encourage more involvement of parents in the classrooms. A strong partnership between parents, teachers and students is essential to the development of the child. Mutual respect and recognition is fundamental to a strong school culture - one that is very apparent to anyone who visits BSD.

I am extremely proud of all that has been achieved at the school and look forward to our continued success. We always endeavour to create a positive environment in which children and young adults can thrive. BSD invites you to become part of that culture. Please follow events at the school via our blog, facebook page and through twitter @DBGSPrincipal.

Thank you

David Bolton