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British School Dhahran (BSD) is located in the ISG Dhahran campus and has access to all its facilities.

Students have access to multiple physical activities facilities including world-class gymnasiums, a weight room, a dance studio, two Astroturf football pitches, a full-size pitch and a 5-a-side one, an inner track of 370m and an outer perimeter of 1500m. A 10-metre four-sided rock-climbing tower extends the exciting range of activities provided by the campus. Multiple outdoor play areas are spread across the campus for different age groups to use during their breaks. In addition, the younger students have access to an indoor soft play room. 

The Dhahran campus includes a 1000-seat auditorium which hosts various functions including performances, assemblies, graduations ceremonies, prize giving and many more. A further theatre provides a 350-seat performing arts facility suitable for smaller performances. In addition, BSD has a drama room located in the senior school building, purposefully designed for the delivery of the drama curriculum.

BSD is a Google school with all staff and students having school Google accounts and using Google Suite for education. WiFi coverage extends throughout the campus, allowing for easy laptop use and the effective implementation of bring your own device (BYOD) technology plan in the Senior School. In the Upper Primary School, years 5 and 6, the students use Chromebooks in their classrooms on regular basis. In addition, BSD has a multimedia room with a green screen and two computer labs, one for Primary School and one for Senior School. 

In addition to the various hands-on activities that take place in the classrooms, BSD has four science labs where students develop their investigative and practical skills; a design technology suite which includes a Design Room linked to a CNC Milling Machine for CAD/CAM and a control centre, for the integration of IT and DT projects; and a kitchen mostly used by the Primary School, Year 7 and for the cooking club after school (ASA).

Students at BSD practise, perform and compose music in the two music rooms where they have access to a wide variety of musical instruments and to sibelius, the music software. In addition students are encouraged to learn playing a musical instrument during the day and have small practice rooms for that. Similarly, fine art is practised in two very well-equipped art studios, one for Primary and one for Senior School. 

Socially Active
The Sixth Form common room at BSD is a classroom size facility designed by AS/A-level students. Year 12 and 13 students may spend their non-contact lessons and their break times in the Sixth Form common room where they can socialise, work on assignments or revise. The BSD dome is a purpose-built common room facility, provided primarily for use by years 10 and 11 during lunch and break times. Whilst some play games, others use the space to chat or work on their devices. The dome also serves as a multi-purpose area where key stage assemblies are held. A large stage area, incorporated at one side, is ideal for small performances and presentations. The dome is used as an exam room during (I)GCSE and A-level official exams. Key Stage 4 and 5 students, years 10-13, may hang out at Joffrey's during breaks or non-contact sessions. 

BSD shares the ISG Dhahran campus large cafeteria where students have the option to purchase food or eat their packed lunches. Alternatively, students can eat their lunch on benches outside the cafeteria when the weather permits. In addition, Key Stage 4 and 5 students can purchase food from Joffrey's coffee shop on campus during their breaks. Younger students can purchase Joffrey's only with teacher's permission. 

BSD shares the Dhahran campus Learning Commons (LC); an up-to-date learning resources centre with an impressive library. The library is housed in a large facility and has a collection of over one hundred thousand items including a huge online database as well as eBooks. The LC provides services to anchor instructional activities to the essential elements of students' learning through each of the key stage levels. It has a green screen studio allowing students to unleash their creativity. 

The LC library specialists provide instruction, support, and reinforcement to students, in collaboration with teachers, through the vast amounts of information literacy and information resources available. The school's emphasis is on equipping students with the knowledge to assess, evaluate, manage, and communicate ideas and information gained; whether obtained from the web, from print resources, or by viewing audiovisual instructional materials.

The encouragement of reading for knowledge and pleasure is emphasized at the Dhahran LC, reinforcing positive attitudes within students to foster lifelong learning. The Dhahran LC plays a huge role in promoting literacy, one of the three main ISG goals, by providing high-quality resources.

Dhahran LC has it own website which you can access here.