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In a typical school year, there are at least 8 Music/Drama performance opportunities. Performances include but are not limited to; Foundation Stage Production, Key Stage 1 Production, Key Stage 2 Production, End of Year Concert with Art Exhibition, 24 Hour Drama, Middle School Musical, High School Musical, Drama Production and the Arts Festival. 

The Primary School productions involve all students in the key stage and material is learnt in their main classrooms, music lessons and sometimes after school clubs. The week before each production, all students and teachers rehearse together in the performance space and usually there is a dress rehearsal performance, a performance to the rest of BSD and a parent performance.

Other Music and Drama performances are optional for students. Usually, students audition and/or attend an after school club to learn material and rehearse. These performances require committed and highly skilled students and the process usually takes two terms. Near the performance date, longer and/or weekend rehearsals are required. Several performances to school(s) and parents take place.